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One of the best ways to add extra space to your home as well as increase its value is to add a conservatory. Adding on a conservatory with tiled roof will incur costs to begin with, but over time you will get your money back and be able to enjoy the extra room in the meantime. There's also something definitely relaxing about a conservatory it feels somewhat apart from the rest of the house and it can be the perfect room in which to unwind or simply settle down with a good book and a drink.

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Extra Room

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of a conservatory is the extra room it provides, and you can use the additional space for relaxing, eating, watching television or even to accommodate overnight guests. Many larger conservatories become a family room, playroom or games room and some homeowners feel they don't always need to be kept as tidy as the rest of the house. Visiting children can use the room and toys and games are kept separate from the rest of the house. If you don't have a shed or garage, they can be useful for storing sports equipment, bicycles, outdoor furniture and garden tools. Regardless of the size of your conservatory, it can also be the ideal place for a picnic or a barbeque - whatever the weather outside.

An Indoor Garden

Unfortunately, England isn't known for its great weather, and if you enjoy gardening or simply just spending time outdoors, you have probably been frustrated by the weather more than once. A conservatory can become an extension of your garden, and a way to bring the outdoors a little bit closer. Conservatories have been widely used to grow indoor plants since the 16th century, and if your local climate makes it difficult to be green fingered, an indoor garden can be the ideal solution. It's also easy to control the temperature of your conservatory and of course, you can grow plants all year, even during the winter months.

Adding Value to Your Home

Statistics show that the amount of space in a home is one of the most important aspects to potential home buyers, and a conservatory can add value to your home, and increase your chances of a quick sale. Even if you spend the money yourself to add the extension to your home, you will almost certainly get your money back within a few years. Most buyers especially appreciate a conservatory if they are buying in an area of the country not known for its warm summers.